The Royal Wedding

I’m sure many people are excited about the Royal wedding today!  There is just something so interesting about royalty, Britain, and glamour.  Ever since visiting London in 1998, I have been completely intrigued by Britain and the culture.  There is so much history and beauty, and I definitely think visiting London should be a MUST on everyone’s “Places to Visit” list.  From the Tower of London tour, to the beautiful Tower Bridge, and of course Westminster Abbey, there is no other place I’ve been that makes me want to sit-up straight, grab a spot of tea, and conduct an intellectual conversation with someone (all whilst speaking in “proper English”).  Even when the Brits try to sound vulgar it sounds eloquent and cool.  I can’t wait to watch the wedding tomorrow, see what Kate decides to wear, and watch the crowds in utter awe.  What a spectacular event!  I know some may think it’s trivial to be concerned with this while so many other issues are going on around the world, but that’s almost the point of it all.  We could all use an escape and see some happiness on the news networks once in a while!  Cheerio!

Congratulations and best of luck to William and Kate!  What are your thoughts about the Royal Wedding?  Did you watch?

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Kristin Wheeler