Boston Bruins Win Stanley Cup!

I can’t say that I’m a fan of hockey, but I can say that I’m a fan of large sports events.  Watching the Stanley Cup tonight was pretty exciting, and pretty educational as well.  After jumping on the Bruins bandwagon, which I can officially do since I am a New Englander, made it very thrilling to watch.  It’s so nice to see people work so hard and finally achieve their goal.  The Bruins last win was in 1972, so it was a long awaited win for the Bruins and their fans!

I think the thing I liked best about it was the fact the fighting was taken out.  There was more focus on the game itself, and not as much about putting on a show for the spectators.  That was a nice change from regular season hockey.  I also thought Tim Thomas, the goaltender, did a fantastic job (especially when the Canucks were really putting on the pressure in the 3rd).

I would probably watch the World Series or the Superbowl, but as for regular season baseball and football, I don’t really keep up with it as much.  My sport of choice to watch would be College Football.  I think there is just something more entertaining about watching schools compete with each other.  I love the school songs, traditions, and pride that is brought to each game.  I have a few top teams I root for, all for various reasons. They are the Oklahoma Sooners, the Virginia Tech Hokies, and the Maryland Terrapins.  I pretty much watch any game that is on each weekend, but these are the teams I care most about watching.  As a New Englander though, it’s probably only a matter of time before the Boston College Eagles are on my list as well.



Anyway, great night for hockey and the Boston Bruins!  It’s always nice to watch a big sports event and be excited about it!  I’m sure New Englanders will be celebrating throughout the weekend!

* What sports and teams do you like to follow?  Do you find the “big sports events” exciting to watch?

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Kristin Wheeler