Organical Botanical-A Hidden Gem in Rhode Island

Tucked away along Main Street In East Greenwich, Rhode Island is a gem of a spot, I cannot believe I am just now learning about (although my wallet is probably thanking me). Located in the heart of East Greenwich, Organical Botanical is in a beautiful, historical building that captures the essence of the town’s unique charm and history.  As soon as you walk through the doors, you know you’ve arrived someplace special.  The stress begins to melt away as the intoxicating scent of essential oils permeates this multi-story historic building. Organical Botanical OilsI must admit, I was a little anxious when given the opportunity to recieve a facial as part of Spa Week. I love a good massage, but I’ve only had a couple facials in my lifetime.  I usually consider them too much of a luxury…and I get a little nervous when people start messing with my face.  Years ago, before a big event,  I had a bad facial experience that left me looking like a hormonal teen.

When I arrived for my facial appointment, I was immediately greeted by Tanya Palazzo, the owner, and all my fears were eased.  I am not kidding you when I say this woman has skin just as beautiful as my 14 month old daughter.  Seriously.  She swears it’s because of the organic products she uses (and makes herself). Organic skin care products She could have told me she spreads a mixture of pickle and prune juice on her face and I would have tried it, though, if it meant my skin would look like hers!Organical Botanical product line

After the initial small talk, Tanya got started…asking me if I had any concerns, if I was allergic to anything etc.  The service itself felt terrfic, wasn’t rushed, and you could tell Tanya was beyond knowledgeable.  In case you’re curious, Organical Botanical also does body wraps, gift baskets, scrubs, has a soap bar, and of course massage.

Massage Stones

Being that I went there for a facial, I’d have to say one of my favorite things about Organical Botanical is that I can buy the products Tanya used on my face.  Now, I know most salons sell their own products, but what I like about Organical Botanical is that she custom creates the products she uses for your specific skin type.  I never would have thought that using organic products on my face would make a difference, but an entire week after my facial and I am still glowing.  THIS has made me a believer!

**Note**   Spas all over the country are taking part in Spa Week, April 11th-17th, where you can get spa treatments for just $50!  Now that I’ve seen the results for myself, I absolutely give Organical Botanical the A Mom Knows Best stamp of approval.  Spas are booking appointments now and spots are filling up fast!

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