Snack Time-savers for Kids (and adults!)

I don’t know about you, but when I pick up my kiddos from school, I have been away from them for a while and I miss them.     They remind me of these sweet little guys…eager for affection, eager to please, eager to cuddle.  I tend to picure them like this….



But sometimes, in reality, their blood sugar is low, they are tired, they are hungry and  they don’t want to do homework. So in reality, they look like this…..

Angry Cat

And I know I must do something; I must do something fast, before we head into total meltdown city, a place I don’t want to go….a place no mom wants to visit for any length of time. (Cue daunting music).

My quick  fix is a power packed snack. Not too many carbs, not too much sugar, not processed; my kids call it the “Ultimate Smoothie.” Now, this smoothie is so easy, but don’t tell them, lest I have to start paying the smoothie place  $5  a pop. Here’s what you need for two of their favorites!

Berry Smoothie

1 Cup frozen fruit (I buy bulk fresh from Costco and freeze small ziplocks)–this can be blueberries, strawberries, rasberries, etc.

1 Cup low-fat Vanilla yogurt

1 Cup of any Nectar or fruit juice (I buy Mango nectar in the Hispanic section of my grocery store)

A drizzle of honey or Agave Syrup, perhaps a bit of ice. Blend and serve!~

Mango/Banana smoothie

1 Cup frozen mango

1 banana

1 cup yogurt, any kind

1 cup ice

1 cup pineapple juice

Drizzle of honey or agave.  Blend and serve!

These are so tasty and so filling that they will have your kids folding laundry and reciting their spelling words in no time! Okay, maybe not quite, but at least you get a “yummy, mama! I love it!”

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