Personalized Picture Puzzles from Piczzle


I love getting–and giving–personalized gifts.  I’m always on the hunt for that unique item that is going to bring a smile to someone’s face each time they look at it.  In this digital age, it’s easier than over to personalize just about anything, but sometimes, the item you receive doesn’t look quite as good as  the item you ordered!  The opposite was true for me when I received my Piczzle photo puzzle.

Prices for a personalized jigsaw puzzle start at less than $20.  You can create puzzles in several different shapes and even add fancy borders & messages. The sizes range from six pieces (great for kids) to 2,000 pieces!  With the holidays coming up, this seems like a perfect gift for that person who has everything.

I have a large family, so to get us all together for a picture is quite a chore.  Last year, we were able to pull it off,  and it’s a moment I treasure.  I knew, immediately, I wanted to capture that moment with a Piczzle puzzle.  It’s a keepsake my family will treasure, and I plan to give it to my parents when we are all in Arizona this Christmas.


Aside from the fact that the puzzle looks even better put together (picture quality), I love that the pieces are strong…not flimsy like you’ll see with some other puzzles.  Since my daughter is constantly cutting teeth and shoving things in her mouth, this is a huge bonus!  😉

Disclaimer: I received the 100 piece puzzle shown above in order to facilitate this review.  All opinions–good and bad–are 100% my own.

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