Ode to Mom

Me with my mom & sister circa 1976

All this week I have been thinking about those sayings our moms have.  Some they made up.  Some they heard from their mothers and some they borrowed from the greats.  Chances are you’ll pass many of these “momisms” down, and make up a few of your own.  Here are my favorites from my mom, mother-in-law, and a  few of my own.


  • Make wise choices
  • When God closes a door, he opens a window
  • Kill ’em with kindness
  • Pretty is as pretty does
  • A smile goes a long way
  • You can’t expect others to treat you the way you would treat them
  • Worrying is counterproductive
  • Do your best

THINGS I SAY OR PLAN TO SAY  TO MY DAUGHTER (basically all of the above, plus…)

  • Where you are is where you are meant to be
  • You never know what’s going on in someone’s life
  • That’s the decision you made;  if you don’t like the outcome, maybe next time you’ll make a different decision
  • You should always be kind, but you don’t always have to be nice
  • If we all do a little, no one has to do a lot
  • Live a life of gratitude
  • What’s on the inside matters more than what’s on the outside


What are some of the “momisms” you remember from your childhood?  Do you find yourself saying them to your own kids?

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