A No-Fuss Way to Get Kids Out the Door in the Morning

Have you heard?? There is a new way to plan your lunches!  MOMables™ is a website created by a MOM dedicated to helping parents make their kids’ school lunch fresh!  Here is a brief interview with Laura Fuentes, Chief MOM at MOMables™ and one of our contributors here at AMKB.

AMKB: What is MOMables™?

MOMables™:  MOMables™ is a lunch menu subscription plan designed to help parents make fresh, wholesome, school lunches.  Our picky-eater, kid-tested recipes are made quickly — in ten minutes or less — with simple and fresh ingredients.  We streamline the lunch making process with a weekly menu and a shopping list.  We also provide you with a picture of the food so you know what the lunchbox will look like. Whether you have a small soccer team or one child, MOMables™ brings you fresh ideas so you can feel good about your child’s nutrition.

AMKB: What kind of ingredients are in a typical lunch?

MOMables™:  We believe feeding your kids wholesome food doesn’t have to be complicated.  All of our lunches have simple ingredients typically found inside your pantry and your current shopping list.  We plan the main sandwich, wrap, dish… and always picture it with a fruit and a vegetable to remind parents what a balanced lunch should look like.  You won’t find a packaged items in any of our lunches, only fresh food.

AMKB: What about a child with food allergies? Or, if my child doesn’t like one ingredient?

MOMables™:  Our lunch menus are not designed with specific dietary restrictions in mind.  However, nearly all ingredients are exchangeable for dairy free, wheat free, and vegan substitutes, for example.  Just like food allergies,  if your child doesn’t like one ingredient you can easily substitute it for another.

AMKB: I have kids of different ages.  How does your meal plan take this into consideration?

MOMables™:  Our lunch menus are a guide to portion sizes.  A parent preparing a lunch for a 4 year old child will make the food quantity slightly smaller than an 8 year old, for example.

AMKB: Can parents eat these lunches?

MOMables™:  Of course! Why not pack lunch for the entire family to save time and money!  My husband super-sizes his portions compared to my 5 year old and I love my sandwiches dressed with lots of lettuce and tomato (unlike my kids).  So naturally, there are some differences… but all the ingredients remain the same.  This saves me a lot of time.  We also pack most of the lunches on Sunday nights, so all I have to do is pull them from the refrigerator in the morning!

AMKB: How much does the subscription cost and how does it work?

MOMables™:  Our subscription pricing is $6 or less per month.  You receive a weekly email on Thursdays with some fresh tips from our kitchen as well as reminding you to log in to the website to retrieve your weekly menu and shopping list.  You print it, shop, and make fresh lunches!  It’s that easy.  You can sign up here. Or go to our main page and sign up for our FREE weekly news for more fresh food ideas.

Thank you Laura, we’re so excited to try MOMables™ and can’t wait to hear what others think! – Allison

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