3 Happy Mommy Tips

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Ever have one of those days where from the time you woke up to the time you went to sleep  on your ultra-soft pillow and 500 count sheets everything went perfectly? A day when what you wanted to wear was perfectly clean and loose (gasp!), the kids woke up happy and using their best manners? A day when you zoomed to work with no traffic on the road, and the radio had you singing; the work day flew by and before you know it you were being whisked away for a secret date night totally planned by your husband? Seriously? Yeah, me neither. I am sure it is coming though. In the meantime, most of my days involve arguments about Vans vs. Tennis shoes, collared shirts vs. t-shirts, a slow commute, boring radio, too cold office A/C, and me feeling like a member of the World Wrestling Federation as I am pulled to and fro all day long.   Oh, and then I get home and figure out we are out of milk. This may or may not result in a glass of Chardonnay being tipped down my throat at 5:01. On. The. Dot. Until I get the aforementioned perfect day, here are a few things that help me along the way from the kitchen to the gym.

1). Start Early. I am one of those annoying people who really likes to be on time. And although I am relatively happy in the morning, I can’t say I am pumped to see my alarm set at 4:45 am on any day. That being said, when I get up at zero dark thirty, I have no excuse not to get in the exercise. It leaves me time to get home, make lunches, feed my three peeps, brush teeth, do hair and take the kids to school as I head to work. The more you put things off till later, the less likely they will get done. Why? Because life happens. But there just isn’t a whole lot to interfere with your day at 5 am!

2). Stick to a Schedule/Routine. Now, I would really like to be spontaneous and leave for the Maldives tomorrow, but let’s be realistic. It’s not going to happen. I can save the spontaneity for things later in life, like say choosing between Bran and Fiber. The most efficient people I know thrive on routines and schedules. From doing the wash to going to the store to exercise to kids bedtimes, everyone gets more accomplished when they know what to expect. Try to do things like laundry, cleaning and shopping the same day every week. Write it down and cross it off, if need be; make a plan and follow through.

3). Do Something Now that Saves Time Later. One of the things that works best for me in the kitchen is if I prep a lot of things right when I get home from the store. For example, I wash the berries and bag it up, same with the lettuce and other veggies so that they are ready to go when I need them. Put an extra trash bag in the bottom of the can so that it is easier the next time you change it. Make longer phone calls as you sit in traffic (on a Bluetooth of course!), pay bills or read a book while you wait at the doctor’s office or in the pick-up line at school. Lay the kids’ clothes out the night prior, and yours too! Plan your meals out on Sunday. The more you can multi-task, the less you have to do later in the day or week when you are more tired!

Let’s face it. Life doesn’t always mirror The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!! In reality, busy moms like us don’t usually have drivers, assistants, 3 nannies, personal chefs and trainers, oh and hair extensions! It really is a lot of little things that can make the difference between needing that glass of wine at 5 pm, or simply sitting down to savor it, because you have time.

Do you have any tips you want to share?  As a busy mom, what helps you get through a chaotic day?


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