When to Wear White – No Rules

Ever wonder, when exactly can I wear white again?  The answer – always when you are talking about white denim!

White shoes or white linen – a little different, save those items for the summer or the old rule “after Memorial day/before Labor day”.  White denim is always great!  Now, that being said, you may not want to sport an entire body of white in the messy weather months, but white goes with every color and texture.  Black and white are a standard all year – every season.  A neutral palette of white with creams or tans is so now and so classy.  White with a bright color or bright print is very popular.  Don’t you love red, white and blue?  The nautical look is always classy in New England! 

I love dressing up white! Whether I’m decorating it with layers of jewels or pulling it together with a coordinating jacket, it makes me feel fashion savvy.  Clothes and accessories are emotional, right?!  Afraid to wear white because of stains?…are you a mommy with sweet, yet ready to stain little fingers reaching up to you?!  I never leave without my Tide to Go pen. It’s amazing!  (I was so excited to score a free one at our Getting Gorgeous event in April!) My little ones are past this stage, yet somehow I manage to find stains and I love this little Tide stick.  Afraid to wear it because hips/legs could appear even larger that they are?? Draw the eye up! Pull it together with a pattern on top that looks fabulous with the white, yet draws all the attention up- like this black and white top or a fun flirty floral!

So wear your white, ladies – It’s the new black!

What have you paired your white denim with? Do you ever create a suit like our celebrities in the photo did? Can you do it? Can you wear white before Memorial day?!


Makeup makes me more Trustworthy?

While doing my daily mindless 10 minutes of internet surfing, I came across an article about women who wear makeup appearing more trustworthy… say what? It seems a little absurd to me, but researches at Procter and Gamble, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Boston University and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute found women who apply and little something to their face daily not only look more attractive (duh, who doesn’t look better with a little mascara and gloss?) but people also think these dolled up women appear more trustworthy and competent. For me, I wear makeup daily because it makes me feel better about myself and let’s not forget I am also single in the city and you never know when I might bump into Mr. Right. But I’d hate to think my competence level was being decided on a day I got a little crazy  wearing a bright blue eyeshadow or some sort of glitter. I would hope someone would at least engage me in polite conversation before judging a book by its cover! However, this study begs to defer. Researches asked study participants to look at various pictures of women with all different looks for 250 milliseconds and rate them. The ratings went up depending on the amount of makeup. Wow!! This doesn’t mean I’m going to change my makeup habits, but  it is food for thought.
Now the question to you is… do you judge a book by its cover?


How to go from “Forty and Frumpy” to “Forty and Fabulous”!

Raise your hand if you have heard any of these?

“You know you’re not getting any younger.”

“Age is nothing but a number.”

“You are only as old as you feel.”

I don’t know about you, but all I seem to be able to hear is that teacher from the “Peanuts” cartoons when people start to utter these cliches.  Turning 40 can and should be a momentous occasion in a person’s life.  Some people embrace it, while others, such as myself, had to be dragged kicking and screaming toward that big ol’ number.  Many of you are juggling children, husbands, jobs, errands, finances, and at the end of the day, you feel like a wet dish rag rather than someone fresh off the set of “America’s Next Top Model”.  But taking your attitude from “feeling frumpy” and getting out of that housecoat and slippers to “feeling fabulous” and getting into that slinky little dress is easier than one might think.

By making a few tweaks to your daily routine, you will begin to see positive changes in the way you feel about yourself and, in turn, others will see the changes in you as well.  With an improved positive and healthy attitude, you will soon realize that getting older is not as bad as you think, and maybe the best is yet to come.  Here are some tips I would like to share that I have greatly benefited from over the past few years.

1.         “EXERCISE, EXERCISE and EXERCISE!!!” Now friends, this tip does not mean going up and down the stairs doing laundry.  NO!!!  I am talking real exercise.  We are in a world where we never have enough time, so if your idea of exercise is just walking around the cubicles at work on your lunch break then do it!   Find a half-hour in your day to do this for yourself.    I promise it will help with your physical and emotional well-being.

2.         TURN OFF THE TV AND GO TO BED!! Now I will admit that I am totally guilty of NOT doing this at times, but it is really important.  Trust me, as you get older, you want to wake up looking well-rested, rather than looking like you could pack for a vacation in those bags under your eyes!  Getting a full night of sleep not only helps with the way you look in the morning, but it improves your attitude 100% as well.    You do not want to end up taking a catnap at your desk while at work.    Get your zzzzzzzzzzzzzs.

3.         EAT YOUR VEGETABLES,  OR TAKE A MULTI-VITAMIN. How many times did we hear this one?   I will admit that I would much rather sit down to a pepperoni pizza than a bowl of salad, and I do not always eat as well as I should.  Taking a multi-vitamin is something that has helped me to feel better and has given me more energy.  Once I turned 40, I also turned to “One A Day Women’s” Multi-Vitamin, and it has really helped.

4          LAUGH.     This one is one of my favorites.  Laughing makes everything better in my world. Try to find some humor and laugh at least once a day.   If that means having to put on a funny movie, going to lunch with some friends, having someone hold you down and tickle you, or, if all else fails, head to the dentist for some laughing gas.  Do whatever it takes to get this done or the joke’s on you!

5. SPLURGE ONCE IN A WHILE.   Now this can apply to a lot of different things.  It can be anything from a new outfit you have been eyeing, to a new pair of shoes, to a book you’ve wanted to read, a scented candle, a bubble bath, or even your favorite bottle of wine.   Life is short and you need to take time to enjoy the things that make you happy.   Getting older is much more enjoyable and less torturous if there is a smile on that face of yours.

6.     DRESS IT UP!!!!! Most of the population comes home after a long day and immediately puts on their favorite pair of sweats and a t-shirt to start an exciting evening full of cooking and cleaning.  Once in a while, you need to take off the old comfy clothes and put on the little black dress.  Every once in a while, plan a night out on the town.  It can range from dinner with your significant other to drinks with friends or family.   Dress up and go have some fun.  You are guaranteed to feel better about yourself.   PLEASE REMEMBER IT IS NOT WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE, IT IS WHAT YOU FEEL LIKE INSIDE!!!  IF YOU FEEL FABULOUS THEN YOU ARE FABULOUS!!!


Top Trends for Spring Nails

I’m loving the fun colors for nail polish this season!  You can never go wrong with a French mani or pedi, but live on the edge of your peep toes or flip flop out over what is making toelines this season! I took a trip to NYC, with my AMomKnowsBest friends, this April for Getting Gorgeous, and I could not help but notice that women are ready to bring their toes out to play!  Some were showing off their first spring pedicure in great open toed shoes…others, like the ladies of AMKB, scored  adorable sandals from Flip Out Sandals and can’t wait to show off their cute tootsies!   I mean, really, how fun are THESE??  flip flops

So…here are the top 3 trends for Spring 2011 in nail color:

1) Blues Baby: How fun are these?! My other favorite is OPI Austin-tatious from their new Spring 11 Texas line!  I always love OPI  names, but this season they are based around Texas towns – Nothing Plano about it

2) Nudes have it: A nude nail always looks clean and fresh on toes or fingers!  It’s very easy to match with dressy or casual and goes with every color!  My favorite part is that you can’t see chipping as easily on a nude nail.

3) Shades of Gray: I loved dark metallic gray this winter and a lighter tone for summer is in style! A gray nail goes well next to the vibrant pops of color in clothing this Spring – can’t go wrong here!

New, different and off the Spring runways this season (and popular especially with the younger generation) is the “moon manicure” , gold foil and OPI’s black shatter that you polish over your current color to crackle or ‘shatter’ it!


What will you try this season? Do you have time to do it yourself or do you like to go to the salon?

One thing is for certain, it’s time to Spring on the Polish!

BONUS: All AMKB readers can get Flip Out Sandals for 20% off by entering code GORG at checkout.  Nice.


Getting Gorgeous in New York City

New York City

It’s going to be a fun weekend. Today, several of the contributors and I are piling in Carrie’s SUV and heading to New York City where we will meet up with Katrina for a day of fashion, fun & beauty…oh, and pampering!  Two of my friends are putting on a spectacular event in the city called Getting Gorgeous, and it is going to be fabulous!  Audrey McClelland & Vera Sweeney are the masterminds behind the event and, to be honest, I’ve never even met Vera before–but any friend of Audrey’s is a friend of mine.

This will actually be my first “event” as a blogger and I can speak for all of the ladies of  A Mom Knows Best when I say we are thrilled to get a little R&R, meet some other wonderful women and engage with the terrific brands that will be in attendence.  I really have to give Audrey & Vera  a hand for choosing terrific companies to allign themselves with.  We’re talking Degree, Lifetime Moms, Hanes, Sandals Resorts (BTW, who else is DYING for a vacation after our recent snow in New England?) Weight Watchers & Goody Hair…just to name a few!dad NYC

After hanging with the girls all day, my husband and baby will pick me up and we’ll spend the night with our good friends who have a daughter just two weeks younger than Paige.  The babies always have such a great time together and it’s so fun to see them interact!  Sunday I have a business lunch at a great little restaurant I’ve been dying to try, right by the water, before heading back to Rhode Island.  Crossing my fingers that Paige sleeps a little in the car.  She’s typically good for about an hour…that’s it.  Maybe it’s time to invest in one of those portable DVD players…although since she’s never seen a movie it might kind of freak her out.

Eureka! I Finally found the Perfect Face Cream.

In the era of Botox, Collagen injections and Latisse (ok, I am guilty on that one) staying young and fresh faced seems like a priority to a lot of us.  Especially those like me… SINGLE!   I know your future mate is supposed to love what is inside but he’s not going to chat me up if I have droopy eyelids and wrinkly skin. That’s just a fact.  It doesn’t matter how witty, sweet and kind I am….not gonna happen!  BridgetSo I decided to add a youth inducing face cream to my nighttime batting lineup! Go Team! After a little research or maybe it was because I liked the commercials… I mean Bridget Moynahan looks pretty fantastic…. I started using Garnier Nutritioniste.  Wowzer,  this stuff is good!

     I feel my skin looks healthier and– this is huge– for my sensitive skin… I have had zero reaction. No breakouts, skin irritation. Nothing! Not to mention, it doesn’t hurt that my harshest critic in my office told me my skin looks really good!   I almost fell over. This is the lady who asks me at least once a week if I am sick. Code for, “you look like crap.”   Fantastic!!   So,  Garnier Nutritioniste is here to stay! Not only does it do what it claims to do but it is pretty inexpensive. Score!


Thicker, longer lashes… Check. Better skin… check! We’ll tackle hair and thinner thighs in the future but,  watch out boys… I am coming 😉

Disclaimer: obviously I am not changing myself for men. But it doesn’t help to feel better about yourself. Or as my Mom says… take pride in yourself. Thanks  Mom!  I guess mom does know best.

How about you, got a face cream you swear by?  Are you a botox fan, or do you simply stay out of the sun and slather on the sunscreen?  I’d love to hear your secrets for staying young and beautiful, after all…we’re all in this together!


The Best Anti-Cancer/Anti-Wrinkle Way to Get a Tan

Could Rhode Island be one of  the first states to ban minors from the tanning beds?

According to a recent study posted on WebMD and The Skin Cancer Foundation: people who use tanning beds have a 74% increased risk for melanoma (skin cancer) compared to people who had never used a tanning bed!  The risk was four times higher among frequent users of high-pressure tanning beds, which emit mostly UVA radiation!

Before I was 20, I went to the tanning bed at least 3 times per week! I was under the blanket belief, it won’t happen to me, but now, as a wife and mom, my priorities have changed. I have had malignant melanoma not once, but twice. The survival rate is only 50% if it spreads into the lymphatic system.  Needless to say, you won’t catch me in a tanning bed.

Here are the ABCDs of Melanoma:

How’s that for a beautiful tan?

You can still get the glow without the radiation or the creepy little eye covers. Here are some of my favorite self-tanning products!
***note, you must exfoliate well and my favorite tip:  put one layer of hand cream on first, let it dry and it will keep your hands from turning orange!
L’Oreal Sublime toilettes,  Bronze One Day Gel and Neutrogena MicroMist self-tanning spray



What is your opinion on banning minors from tanning beds?  Do you have a friend or relative diagnosed with skin cancer?


Organical Botanical-A Hidden Gem in Rhode Island

Tucked away along Main Street In East Greenwich, Rhode Island is a gem of a spot, I cannot believe I am just now learning about (although my wallet is probably thanking me). Located in the heart of East Greenwich, Organical Botanical is in a beautiful, historical building that captures the essence of the town’s unique charm and history.  As soon as you walk through the doors, you know you’ve arrived someplace special.  The stress begins to melt away as the intoxicating scent of essential oils permeates this multi-story historic building. Organical Botanical OilsI must admit, I was a little anxious when given the opportunity to recieve a facial as part of Spa Week. I love a good massage, but I’ve only had a couple facials in my lifetime.  I usually consider them too much of a luxury…and I get a little nervous when people start messing with my face.  Years ago, before a big event,  I had a bad facial experience that left me looking like a hormonal teen.

When I arrived for my facial appointment, I was immediately greeted by Tanya Palazzo, the owner, and all my fears were eased.  I am not kidding you when I say this woman has skin just as beautiful as my 14 month old daughter.  Seriously.  She swears it’s because of the organic products she uses (and makes herself). Organic skin care products She could have told me she spreads a mixture of pickle and prune juice on her face and I would have tried it, though, if it meant my skin would look like hers!Organical Botanical product line

After the initial small talk, Tanya got started…asking me if I had any concerns, if I was allergic to anything etc.  The service itself felt terrfic, wasn’t rushed, and you could tell Tanya was beyond knowledgeable.  In case you’re curious, Organical Botanical also does body wraps, gift baskets, scrubs, has a soap bar, and of course massage.

Massage Stones

Being that I went there for a facial, I’d have to say one of my favorite things about Organical Botanical is that I can buy the products Tanya used on my face.  Now, I know most salons sell their own products, but what I like about Organical Botanical is that she custom creates the products she uses for your specific skin type.  I never would have thought that using organic products on my face would make a difference, but an entire week after my facial and I am still glowing.  THIS has made me a believer!

**Note**   Spas all over the country are taking part in Spa Week, April 11th-17th, where you can get spa treatments for just $50!  Now that I’ve seen the results for myself, I absolutely give Organical Botanical the A Mom Knows Best stamp of approval.  Spas are booking appointments now and spots are filling up fast!

Adventures in Finding the Perfect Lash

Without a doubt every single lady who has graced the cover of any fashion magazine or celebrity rag has them. They are long, shiny and make her eyes pop! Yes, I am talking about eyelashes! Lashes that would make most guys swoon.

Lash perfection!

Lash perfection!

While these cover girls probably have the assistance of fake eyelashes… I am not hating. I absolutely love getting all dolled up and stopping by my favorite MAC counter for a pair of falsies. But practical for the office or day to day… No! I think my boss would send me home if I strolled into the office rocking them. So I went on a mission to get those eyelashes I have always wanted with a little help from our friends in the pharmaceutical world. The golden ticket… Latisse! I was so excited,  I tossed on my Indiana Jones fedora… strapped on my Louboutin like Carrie Bradshaw (who am I kidding,  those cost more than my rent!) I put on some classy black heels and I was out. My first idea was to check locally… Canal Street?! Too shady. Local makeup shops… Nope. I then moved to the World Wide Web. There are several spas in the NYC area that offer it… but of course after you pay the $100 consultation fee. No thanks. I filled out an online application three times at one place. No call back. Called a friend of a friend’s shop, got a mean lady on the phone. She probably already has beautiful eyelashes and thinks I am a wanna be. Noooo dinero for her! How could Latisse be rejecting me and we haven’t even met yet?

Magical Beauty Serum

Magical Beauty Serum

  This was proving more difficult then dating! Then it hit me. Call my local pharmacy! Sure enough, they had it, but I needed a prescription from my doctor. Uh oh, he already thinks I am a nut. I seriously call the man for everything and always go to his office with my own diagnosis from Web MD.  Once again, he pulled through for me (I love you Dr. Barnes!) I eagerly dashed to pick up my magical beauty serum.  Latisse and I have now been together for less than a week, nothing yet. I do run and look in every mirror I see…much to the horror of my friends. But hey, I am looking for results. I need to have those long, beautiful eyelashes to wink at the single male population! In the dating world of Manhattan, you need every advantage you can get. Bat, bat, bat!

Are you  a Latisse or RevitaLash fan? Did you have side effects…red, itchy eyes, change in pigment color?  Or, do you think it’s too expensive and not worth the potential risks?  Share your experiences with me in the comment section below.

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