Stop Giving All my Baby Clothes Away, Mom!


Me, as a child, hamming it up for the camera

I have told my Mom time and time again that anything I have left at her house I don’t want. But do I mean it? Not really! I live in a Manhattan apartment which means I have zero space. My mother lives in a home with a garage and lots and lots of closets. You’d thinkĀ  she would happily hold all my belongings not being used in my everyday life including the adorable clothes I had as a baby! Well, lovely Maria (I have changed her name to protect her identity) continues to give my stuff to my sassy little niece Siena. Yes, Siena is like a real life doll who looks absolutely adorable in everything, but that doesn’t mean she should get all my goods! I find it all too convenient that my sister brings the baby over to Grandma’s house in her jammies or with clothes that don’t fit. Candace (my sister whose identity I refuse to protect) likes to raid Tia Trina’s baby closet!

My adorable niece Siena

Just the other day I received a picture from Maria of Siena wearing my dress. This dress I was kind of happy to pass down to Siena as she looked like one of the von Trapp kids from the Sound of Music or like she should be yodeling in the Swiss Alps. However, to 3 year old Siena, this dress was like the Prada dress every grown up girl wants. I talked on the phone to my niece and in the cutest, happiest voice she said, “Tia Trina! I am wearing your dress! It fits me perfect because I am little!” Repeat that same sentence roughly four times and that was the extent of our conversation. How could I begrudge the kid’s happiness especially if she knew how goofy she really looked? So the moral of this story… I will continue to encourage my Mom to dress my nieces in my little girl gear just as long as they save it for my future daughter. By the way, Siena got away with wearing the dress the very next day as well because according to her…. it fits her perfectly. What a doll!

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