September 11th, 2011




Every year on the anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks, the usual jubilant New York City takes a more understated tone. New Yorkers are more cordial to each other… the usually mad rushing commuter now slows down their pace. A smile or friendly nod you would not normally see happens to greet you today. The citizens of New York all seem to be friends on this day and unite to pay respect to the unimaginable horrors that still play fresh in a lot of people’s minds. I did not live in New York on 9/11 but I have been here for seven anniversaries and was at Ground Zero on the six month anniversary. I was working as a freelance Field Producer for my old television station. Dust and debris still littered the streets of Battery Park and the gaping hole in the New York skyline was still shocking to see. I think if you asked anyone about September 11th, they will have a story for you. Ask a New Yorker, you will hear stories of getting home after the attack with the fuel smell haunting the air or how the next several days after didn’t feel real. For me, I have a friend who stays home every 9/11 to mourn her lost fiancĂ©. The man who she calls her one true love. Or a coworker who tells the story of repeatedly calling not only a colleague but friend on that fateful day because it looked like his floor had been hit. Even the stories of the firemen who went to too many funerals to count. New York is a different city now. You are constantly warned about being vigilant of a terrorist attack. If you see something, say something. Employers have escape routes, emergency bags and off-site locations for employees to go. Life in Manhattan is moving cautiously forward. Ground Zero will soon no longer be a construction zone but home to a memorial and the Freedom Tower. From Starbucks employees to the Wall Street big wig, New Yorkers pitched in to help pickup the pieces and not forget September 11th but survive it. On this day it doesn’t matter what our job is or how much money you make, we are all proud to say we live in New York City and for me, God Bless America.

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