My Two Dads!

My two dadsWith Father’s Day fast approaching, I am taking some time to reflect on how lucky I am to have two dads… my real dad and my step-dad. Two awesome men to look after me. Two energetic minds to talk sports with. One team we can always agree upon… The Arizona Wildcats. Bear Down! Two fellas I can whine about my mom to. Sorry Mama Bear, you know it is true but I still love you! These guys are probably the only men I can truly count on in my life (well, besides my awesome brother!) I know,  no matter what,  they will always be there for me. Have we had our differences? Absolutely. Do they embarrass me still at the ripe age of 31? Without a doubt.My two dads

One insists on wearing his shades inside, while the other one talks to everyone. I mean,  he will know the checkout lady’s life story by the time all the groceries are packed. One thinks wearing shorts during the winter is acceptable., while the other puts on his finest socks with sandals in the summer.

No matter how silly or outrageous these two are….they will always be,  to me,  the best DADS in the world.

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