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Eureka! I Finally found the Perfect Face Cream.

In the era of Botox, Collagen injections and Latisse (ok, I am guilty on that one) staying young and fresh faced seems like a priority to a lot of us.  Especially those like me… SINGLE!   I know your future mate is supposed to love what is inside but he’s not going to chat me up if I have droopy eyelids and wrinkly skin. That’s just a fact.  It doesn’t matter how witty, sweet and kind I am….not gonna happen!  BridgetSo I decided to add a youth inducing face cream to my nighttime batting lineup! Go Team! After a little research or maybe it was because I liked the commercials… I mean Bridget Moynahan looks pretty fantastic…. I started using Garnier Nutritioniste.  Wowzer,  this stuff is good!

     I feel my skin looks healthier and– this is huge– for my sensitive skin… I have had zero reaction. No breakouts, skin irritation. Nothing! Not to mention, it doesn’t hurt that my harshest critic in my office told me my skin looks really good!   I almost fell over. This is the lady who asks me at least once a week if I am sick. Code for, “you look like crap.”   Fantastic!!   So,  Garnier Nutritioniste is here to stay! Not only does it do what it claims to do but it is pretty inexpensive. Score!


Thicker, longer lashes… Check. Better skin… check! We’ll tackle hair and thinner thighs in the future but,  watch out boys… I am coming 😉

Disclaimer: obviously I am not changing myself for men. But it doesn’t help to feel better about yourself. Or as my Mom says… take pride in yourself. Thanks  Mom!  I guess mom does know best.

How about you, got a face cream you swear by?  Are you a botox fan, or do you simply stay out of the sun and slather on the sunscreen?  I’d love to hear your secrets for staying young and beautiful, after all…we’re all in this together!


Adventures in Finding the Perfect Lash

Without a doubt every single lady who has graced the cover of any fashion magazine or celebrity rag has them. They are long, shiny and make her eyes pop! Yes, I am talking about eyelashes! Lashes that would make most guys swoon.

Lash perfection!

Lash perfection!

While these cover girls probably have the assistance of fake eyelashes… I am not hating. I absolutely love getting all dolled up and stopping by my favorite MAC counter for a pair of falsies. But practical for the office or day to day… No! I think my boss would send me home if I strolled into the office rocking them. So I went on a mission to get those eyelashes I have always wanted with a little help from our friends in the pharmaceutical world. The golden ticket… Latisse! I was so excited,  I tossed on my Indiana Jones fedora… strapped on my Louboutin like Carrie Bradshaw (who am I kidding,  those cost more than my rent!) I put on some classy black heels and I was out. My first idea was to check locally… Canal Street?! Too shady. Local makeup shops… Nope. I then moved to the World Wide Web. There are several spas in the NYC area that offer it… but of course after you pay the $100 consultation fee. No thanks. I filled out an online application three times at one place. No call back. Called a friend of a friend’s shop, got a mean lady on the phone. She probably already has beautiful eyelashes and thinks I am a wanna be. Noooo dinero for her! How could Latisse be rejecting me and we haven’t even met yet?

Magical Beauty Serum

Magical Beauty Serum

  This was proving more difficult then dating! Then it hit me. Call my local pharmacy! Sure enough, they had it, but I needed a prescription from my doctor. Uh oh, he already thinks I am a nut. I seriously call the man for everything and always go to his office with my own diagnosis from Web MD.  Once again, he pulled through for me (I love you Dr. Barnes!) I eagerly dashed to pick up my magical beauty serum.  Latisse and I have now been together for less than a week, nothing yet. I do run and look in every mirror I see…much to the horror of my friends. But hey, I am looking for results. I need to have those long, beautiful eyelashes to wink at the single male population! In the dating world of Manhattan, you need every advantage you can get. Bat, bat, bat!

Are you  a Latisse or RevitaLash fan? Did you have side effects…red, itchy eyes, change in pigment color?  Or, do you think it’s too expensive and not worth the potential risks?  Share your experiences with me in the comment section below.

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