Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood Sept. 3rd: A Toddler’s Treat

On Monday, September 3rd,  a new generation of preschoolers will get the chance to experience Make-Believe as Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood premieres on PBS Kids  with a special one hour block of two back to back episodes. (check local listings for exact time).

Produced by The Fred Rogers Company, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood follows the adventures of a 4 year old tiger named Daniel Tiger, who is the son of Daniel Striped Tiger from the classic show Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. Daniel Tiger uses the show to invite children into sharing his experiences in his peaceful yet lively neighborhood. Targeted toward preschoolers aged 2 to 4 and their parents, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood teaches kids fun and practical strategies and skills needed for growing and learning.

“No one knew better than Fred Rogers how to connect with children,” said Bill Isler, President of The Fred Rogers Company. “And, like Fred, Daniel Tiger will visit preschoolers every day. Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood is an exciting new series with all the right elements to appeal to today’s children and families. It’s well-poised to become a much-loved classic for years to come.”

Daniel starts his day by donning his red sweater, tying his sneakers and inviting his preschool pals at home into the bright and lively Neighborhood of Make-Believe. Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood features the next generation of the original characters from Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. Daniel’s best friend is O the Owl, who lives with his Uncle X in the tree next door to Katerina Kittycat, daughter of Henrietta Pussycat. Daniel also loves to visit Prince Wednesday, the youngest member of the royal family headed by King Friday, in his castle; and Miss Elaina, who lives with her parents, Lady Elaine Fairchilde and Music Man Stan, in the Museum-Go-Round. The familiar red trolley “ding dings” its way all around the Neighborhood.

And guess what?  We’re hosting a giveaway! One lucky aMomKnowsBest reader will win a Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood gift pack, complete with a Daniel Tiger luggage tag, crayons, Daniel Tiger printables, backpack and crayons, pencils, stickers, and more…and it’s all courtesy of PBS Kids!  Just leave a comment below telling me why you want to win or what you thought of the show.  We’ll pick a winner by September 6th.  Also, don’t forget to go to the PBS site for more Daniel Tiger interactive fun.

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  1. the show looks so good, i think my boyfriend’s niece will really enjoy it. Thank you for the contest!

  2. Jennifer Abbott says:

    This is both of my sons new favorite show. They are 2 and 4 and they love the interaction with Daniel Tiger. I love the references to Mister Rogers Neighborhood, I watched it all of the time as a child.

  3. Both my two year old and my three year old alredy love this show! What a wonderful tribute to Mr. Rogers Neighborhood!!!

  4. Oh, I’d love to win because my kids love the new shoe. Mr. Rogers was such an important part of my childhood. When Daniel starting singing the Mr. Rogers theme song at the end of the show, I started crying. <3

  5. Meghan Nero says:

    My son is one years old and loves the show. We’re glad it comes on multiple times a day because he only watches Daniel Tiger’s neighborhood or Super why. Please pick my son, he’ll enjoy the cool stuff. I also love that the show had songs that are educational. Especially when Daniel tiger went to the doctor because my son is very scared of the nurses and doctors. It helps a lot. Thank you!

  6. Regan Chemski says:

    My niece and I love the show! She is 14 months old and was trying to count along with the show today…pretty great in my opinion! It’s wonderful to know she’ll have some of the Mr. Rogers magic in her life like I did :)

  7. Tiffany Santos says:

    I love, love, love the show! My 2 1/2 year old and I watched it today and it was so great. I even started crying at the end when he started singing “And I’ll be back, when the day is new…” I loved Mr Roger’s Neighborhood so much when I was a kid and I’m glad that I get to share this new show with my kids and know they are learning the same things I did.

  8. Both kids love this! My one year old loves the colors and the music, while my 3 year old is mesmerized in general. I may love this more than they do, though…

  9. It is so exciting to sharie the world of Mr. Rogers that I loved so much as a kid with my son. He is already a huge Daniel Tiger fan and yesterday the “Grown Ups Come Back” song came in very handy when he stayed with his baby sitter. It is so helpful to have the song strategies, they are very effective.

  10. Thanks to all who entered, hope you’ll stop by again…Brandy is our winner this time!