My 5 Favorite iPhone Apps


Cardstar:   This allows you to clean the clutter out of your wallet, add all of the bar codes of your plastic membership cards, and just open the app to scan for discounts and benefits at CVS, Stop &Shop, Barnes & Noble …wherever!!


Shazam: I am the absolute worst when it comes to remembering song names and artists, Shazam helps, but even better, when you hear a song that you love and have never heard it before, Shazam will tell you what it is and let you buy it on the spot.


Tunein radio: When traveling it is so annoying to drive out of range of your favorite radio station, in the middle of your favorite song! Tune in radio allows you to keep your station on no matter how far out of range you go.


Project 365: I can’t remember what I did yesterday, never mind last month! Project 365 lets you capture a moment a day onto a yearly calendar. A very cool way to look back at your year in pictures.



Instagram: I know you’ve seen those ultra hip looking photos all the cool people are posting on Facebook these days, it’s not just their artsy eye, so much as Insagram. It  makes every photo it takes look  cool.


What are your favorite Apps?

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