Unique Holiday Cards

Do you ever go through the process of choosing the perfect holiday card only to discover that someone else on your card list has chosen the exact same card?  It happens to me almost every single year.  In fact, last year, my sister and I chose the same card.  This year, I don’t have to worry about that.  It could be because I haven’t sent out any cards yet.  Yes, I’ve been totally overwhelmed with a new job, a move, and everything else under the sun and I’ve been slacking.  Big time.  But I also discovered cards by Amy Adele.  Their holiday greetings offer plenty of fun and unique options. The card I created captured my sunny disposition ever since moving to Arizona!  The quality of the cards is top notch and the customer service is terrific.  In fact, the company emailed me to see if it was okay if they slightly altered the font/spacing on the card to make the card look better.  How nice is THAT?

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