After Hurricane Irene…

Many throughout the eastern states have encountered issues from Hurricane Irene.  Some had their houses flooded, trees fell on many houses and cars, and even in some very sad cases people lost their lives.  I guess I can consider our problem of no power as a small issue compared to others.

The morning of the storm, we heard a loud crack, pop,  and then silence.  It was 7:40am and power was already out.  We were hoping this would be a problem for only a couple of hours, but when we went outside to look around the neighborhood we saw power lines snapped and laying in the street just s couple doors down from us.  We knew then we were in the “no power” stage for a while.  I called National Grid to report the incident.  They said they were unsure of when they could get out to fix it.  It could be days they said.







We decided to go and check in to a hotel just one exit down on the highway from our house.  They had power!  People were checking in like crazy!  Almost all the plates on cars in the parking lot were from our state.  We found out that almost 300,000 people were without power overnight, and for some power may be out for a week.

We are going back home today to clean out the refrigerator and freezer.  We probably lost about $400 or more worth of groceries.  I will learn not to “stock-up” before a storm with cold items next time!  There is also the cost of the hotel at over $100 a night (so far booked for three nights, but could be more)!  This is still a small price to pay looking at what some are dealing with.

My kids are finding Hurricane Irene to be a fun vacation!  They have been playing in the indoor pool, jumping on beds, and enjoying the “breakfast feast” as my daughter calls it.  Now we will have to see how the rest of the week turns out.  School was supposed to start on Wednesday, but since the school does not have power the school start has been moved to Thursday.  The Superintendent is taking it day-to-day and make decisions as power comes back.  I think we are looking at a tough start of the school year.  In fact, National Grid just called again and said, “Due to the extensive damage in areas people may not have power restored well into the weekend.”  School may start a few days late, and we are looking at a week stay here at the hotel!

How have you  dealt with the power issues and effects of Hurricane Irene?

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