Miracle Grow for Hair?

Who doesn’t want thicker, fuller hair?! Well, of course those who already have it but for gals like me who barely have three strands of hair… It was something I always dreamed about. In college, I went to my dermatologist and told him something needed to be done about it about my thin hair.  He at first told me horror stories of needle injections in your head that sometimes didn’t work and then sent me on my merry way with a sample of Rogaine. Sure, I tried it, secretly in my bedroom late at night, immediately hiding the bottle right away in case my roommate came in to borrow something. Rogaine did not have the magical touch I was looking for.  It may work for others,  but not for me.

Pantene Full & Thick

Miracle Grow for Hair!

One day,  I discovered Pantene Pro-V Full & Thick Collection. It promises fuller, thicker hair. Come on?! If this was so great, why is this not being touted all over the place? I decided to play along and picked up a bottle. It was only $4. The first week or so. Nothing. Like everything else in my life I wanted things to change overnight… did not happen. But a couple of weeks into it, I started to believe my hair was a little bit thicker. I have been happy enough to continue to use it. I also must point out the thickness could all be in my imagination (I don’t have anyone running their fingers through my hair to agree with me) or during the last couple of weeks… I have ended an unhealthy relationship with my flatiron. As a girl with naturally curly hair who hates it more than words and years and years of flatiron abuse. I switched over to the Conair Drying Brush. So my new found thickness could be from a variety of things. I will take whatever I can get and I am thoroughly enjoying running my fingers through it.

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