5 Movies I Could Watch Again and Again

I have many favorite movies, but here are five that I could watch over and over again.  Most of the movies I enjoy watching are either dramas or comedies.  I am not into action thrillers or horror movies as much, although there are a few that I have liked in the past.  Anyway, drum roll please (da-da-da-da-da-da-da):

My #1 Favorite Movie – Pretty Woman

Yes, Julia Roberts is one of my favorite actresses, and Richard Gere happens to be fabulous in this flick, so this is one I can watch over and over.  I think I’ve had about every line memorized for the past 20 years.  And what woman would not want a shopping spree like that?

My #2 Favorite Movie – Pretty in Pink

Staying with the “Pretties,” this movie is definitely a classic.  Molly Ringwald was fabulous in this, as well as Andrew McCarthy (who I had a huge crush on after watching this movie).  In fact, I would probably list almost all of John Hughes’ movies as favorites, because who wouldn’t want to watch Breakfast Club over and over as well?

My #3 Favorite Movie – Notting Hill

Another Julia Roberts movie I know.  This is just such a fun and cute movie, and I love movies that take place in Britain.  This is a feel good movie that I can watch over and over if I need a laugh and a pick-me-up to my mood.  About a Boy is another great movie with Hugh Grant that I could watch many times over.

My #4 Favorite Movie – Good Will Hunting

This is a movie I could watch on a rainy day, and enjoy it like it was the first time I was seeing it.  Matt Damon and Ben Affleck rightly deserved their Oscars for writing this screenplay.  The acting was superb and I loved that it took place around Boston.  Minnie Driver also did a nice job, and for some reason I would probably also watch her in Circle of Friends over and over (but that probably has more to do with Chris O’Donnell being in the movie than her).

My #5 Favorite Movie – Can’t Hardly Wait

Such a funny movie!!!  If I ever need a really good laugh, then this is it.  I also love all the music in this movie, and it is so fast paced and entertaining.  It also has many classic scenes and lines that make it great.  If you haven’t seen this movie, then make sure to check it out!  It stars Jennifer Love Hewitt, Ethan Embry, and Peter Facinelli.  I would say this is the Sixteen Candles (also a fab flick) of the late 1990’s.

I love these five movies, but don’t get me wrong, I could also watch The Sound of Music, The Shawshank Redemption, The Sixth Sense, Napoleon Dynamite, or Titanic (and many others) multiple times as well.

What are your favorites that you can enjoy over and over?



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