The New “It” Bag


Like magician’s silk scarves the woman in front of me, began pulling environmentally friendly shopping bags out of her purse.   These were not the boxy earth toned bags I now realized I had left in my car. …again. They were smooth nylon, brightly colored, and geometrically patterned accessories.   They were, dare I say, stylish?  As she rolled her colorful cart away from the grocery checkout, and I sheepishly requested, “paper please”, I pondered the environmentally friendly shopping sack as the new “it” bag.   Sure my shopping bags were practical, but attractive?  Never.   I am a big believer in functional design, and love the idea of taking an item as mundane as the shopping bag, and making it fun.  These days, plastic is passé, and though paper will do, to look like a truly savvy shopper the reusable bag is de-rigueur.    While my ice cream melted holes in my paper bags once home, I raced to my computer to track down some pretty shopping bags of my own.  A couple of the brands I found that make bringing your own grocery bags hip, are baggu and envirosax.  Of course I  purchased my own sleek colorful bags to carry, and though they make me happy, because they are pretty, they really are quite practical. They hold a ton without ripping. They come in tiny pouches or roll up and snap to fit easily in your purse, so I never have an excuse to forget them in the car again. You can throw them in the wash when your super helpful 6 year old grabs the bag with the eggs, and then promptly drops it, and  I have since taken to giving them as gifts to my like-minded environmentally conscientious friends.  This is how my life has changed, where as a working girl in the city, I would have been noticing the shoe trends,  here I am in the burbs, now coveting shopping bags!

Do I just spend too much time in the grocery store? or have you noticed these bags too?

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