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Hippity Hop!  Easter’s on it’s way!  I don’t know what you like filling your kids’ baskets with, but we’ve been trying to get healthier (non-sweets) choices over the past few years.  Growing up we got tons of hard candy and chocolate; the more the better as far as we were concerned.  My initial instinct was to do the same for my kids as my parents did for me, but I just don’t want my kids to have that much candy for a variety of reasons.  They seem just as happy to get one small chocolate bunny, a Cadbury egg, and a few jelly beans.  That’s good for me!  I also try and get them some other cool things to fill their baskets, and this year I hit the jackpot!  They have been “Hexbug Crazy” since my son received a Hexbug starter kit for his 4th birthday from a friend.  If you don’t know what a Hexbug is, then you can check them out at their site (my kids have been collecting the “Nano” version).  Now I have found the perfect Easter basket goodie which they will go crazy for – a Hexbug Bunny in an egg!

I got them both one from Radio Shack.  They cost only $4.99, and the kids will think they’ve hit gold!  The Hexbug Bunnies come in different colors, and they are going fast!  Radio Shack got them in the first week of April, and they are sure to be a hit this Easter season.  As for my kids, they will also get a stuffed animal and of course some money in eggs we will hide, but it looks as if we are ready for Easter!  So if you want to find some cool gadgets for your baskets that won’t rot out the kids’ teeth, the Hexbug Bunny may be a hit for your kids too!  What do you like to put in your Easter baskets?   *Note: Hexbugs are recommended for kids ages 3 and up.


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Kristin Wheeler is a stay-at-home mom of a 7 year old daughter and 4 year old son. She was previously a teacher for 8 years (in Virginia, Oklahoma, and California). She taught elementary and middle school, with a focus in technology. Kristin received her Bachelor's degree in Psychology and her Master's in Middle School Education from George Mason University in Fairfax, VA. Her husband is a professor at The University of Rhode Island.