Beautiful Boxed Tea Set 71% off!


Doesn’t this picture make you want to curl up in your favorite chair with a blanket and your favorite book and sip on some hot tea?  So relaxing!  I drink my tea British style, with a little milk and sugar.  I learned it from my sweet grandmother, who we affectionately called Mumsy and she truly was one one of the sweetest souls to ever walk the face of the earth…she was also from England.  If Mumsy were here today, she would be getting this lovely tea set I spotted on The Today Show  this morning.  This deal is good all week.  A beautiful boxed set from Harney & Sons.TEA

The Harney and Sons tea chest is filled with a selection of 32 wrapped sachets including three different organic teas.  It includes a variety of  popular flavors like Hot Cinnamon Spice, Earl Grey, Organic Green, Paris, and Organic Bangkok. It also includes eight refill boxes of 20 satchels so you get a total of 192 tea satchels. For more information and to buy the $113 product for $33, be sure to enter  TODAYTEA  at checkout.  Great Mother’s Day gift!

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