What to Wear When You’re a Pear!

Many women have a pear shaped body, which means our shoulders are narrower than our hips–me included. The good news is, when it comes to fashion, size is irrelevant (especially if you know how to dress for your body type).  More good news,  trends this Spring are great for Pears!

Celebrity Pears
On the Bottom: Pears look great in a wide leg trouser pant or boot cut jean! Stay away from skinny legs or jeans that taper at the bottom. If your legs are shorter, a cropped pant isn’t your friend either. Pockets on the backside break up the landscape and can be stylish, but stray from tiny pockets or one’s climbing down the thigh. Longer pants visually elongate your leg just like a heel does!

Jeans that make your butt look great

Jeans that make your butt look great

Heels make thighs appear smaller than they are – love it! Opt for ones without high ties around ankles cutting the leg off giving a sausage appearance to the calf. Matching the color to your skin gives the illusion of a longer leg. Bring on the platforms and flatforms!
On Top: Draw the eye up! Wear pops of color, vertical stripes and fun florals on top and pair with a darker pant. Patterns and lighter colors widen the arena, so pears should only wear on top.  Don’t be afraid of longer tunics and jackets.  They also add height.  The goal is balance!
Accessories are a girl’s best friend: Creating the visual ‘V’(wider shoulders than waist) is great, so a V-neck top or button down does this automatically, but if you want to wear a crew neck or square neck, simply add a necklace to create the ‘V’!

**Note** The medallion draws the eye in on a necklace, so if you want to show off your flat tummy wear a long necklace that hits at that spot!  This concept is also true of your handbag!

Proportion is everything! It’s easy to create an hourglass with clothes no matter what fruit you are! As my favorite designer, Carol Anderson says, “be yourself and you will always be in style!”

Confused about which Spring trends look best on YOUR body type?  What are your favorite looks this season?  I’d love to hear from you…leave me a comment below!

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